Monday, September 30, 2019

Lexia Core5

Your kiddos are ready to log onto Lexia Core5 at home!  

Lexia is an amazing online program we use to teach literacy.  It meets your student right at their skill set and delivers game formatted lessons to help your child reach the next level.  Achievers are hooked!  Here are the steps to get started at home:

  1. Download the free Lexia Core5 app in the app store (not available for phones) or go to
  2. Your first visit you will need to enter my email address to link up to my class account:
  3. Your student's username is their first name and last name initial (all together). ALL LOWERCASE, the password is just their first name.  Students are learning to do their logins independently - so let them try at home too.  
For an example Mickey Mouse's login information would be: 

username: mickeym
password: mickey

*please email me if this is not working for your child's name.  I might have used a different login combo to make it easier for your child.  :)

Let your kids play away!  We try to get about 40 minutes of play time in per week.  As students pass their levels, we celebrate in class.   If your child is struggling with a concept I will get a notice on my end - we will bring them up to speed on those areas at school.  You may help your child work through the answers, teach strategies to rule out incorrect answers, but please do not just give the answers.  Also - please do not allow other siblings to play on your child's login.  In the past parents have had their kids earn extra Lexia time at home - so dangle that educational carrot!

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