Wednesday, October 9, 2019

ST Math

Have you heard about Jiji?  Spatial Temporal Math (ST Math) is a game based online learning program that has ACS students swept up in a learning frenzy!  Kindergarten students begin by learning an 8 icon password.  After they play a few modules they learn the rest of their 13 icon password.  Students will only be able to access their account at home after they have learned all 13 characters.  Playing two full objectives at school before the program unlocks at-home helps to ensure they can navigate the system comfortably.

  1. Download the free ST Math app in the app store or go to (not available for phones)
  2. Click Jiji.  Your student can begin entering their unique 13 icon password.  If your student is having difficulty with this they:   
    • have not reached the point in the program where the at-home portion is unlocked or 
    • your child needs help with password retraining (a setting I can enable at school).
  3. Play!  Our kindergarten in-class goal is for students to play for at least 60 minutes per week. Playing at home will help students ACHIEVE their 1st award (a "Jiji Tag" is given to students when they reach 20% of curriculum completion - I will email you when your student is earning a tag at our Wildcat Wednesday morning assembly).   We award tags at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% completion.  
  • Please monitor your kindergartner's work to make sure siblings are not playing levels on your kindergartner's account.  
  • When finished make sure your kindergartner logs out all the way.  (Click the back arrows until you reach the red "X".  When the red "X" is clicked a little bubble will float off the screen, saving your child's work.

More detailed directions with pictures can be found here.  

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