Wednesday, April 1, 2020

You are a Good Parent

We live in a world where it is easy to compare ourselves to others and worry what others think about us.  The temptation is everywhere, we're all at-risk for playing the comparison game.

I feel 'ya moms and dads, I am with you.

Our kids don't care if our Pinterest attempt fell in the nailed it category, or if we {seemingly} have everything together.  All that our kids really want and need is US.  Our best, unplugged and raw selves.  They need to see us make mistakes and rise above them, work through our insecurities and weaknesses, set personal goals and reach them.  To be strong examples. They need to hear us apologize to them and admit when we've wronged them, they need to know that they are more important than our phones. They need encouragement, unconditional love and someone who wholeheartedly believes in them and tells them so.  They need to hear us remind them about the gifts and talents they've been given, and they need someone to fill up their buckets with positive talk and affirmation so that they can overflow with those words too.

Here's my charge:  If you are believing the lie that you are not good enough, STOP BELIEVING IT. You ARE a good mom, despite the fact that your last Facebook post got less likes than your friend's did, or the fact that your preschooler bit A HUMAN BEING last week at school.  Oops.  Just keep telling yourself, YOU ARE A GOOD PARENT, and what you are doing is important.

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