Friday, September 25, 2020

ST Math @ Home (2020)

Have you heard about Jiji?  Spatial Temporal Math (ST Math) is a game based online learning program that has ACS students swept up in a learning frenzy!  Kindergarten students begin by learning an 8 icon password.  After they play a few modules they will learn the rest of their 13 icon password.  (It's pretty impressive!)

Our kindergarten in-class goal is for students to play for at least 60 minutes per week.  (We work up to this time recommendation).  ST Math will be included in Seesaw assinments, however your student will probably wat to play more than wht is assigned - GO FOR IT!
  • Please monitor your kindergartner's work to make sure siblings are not playing levels on your kindergartner's account.  
  • When finished make sure your kindergartner logs out (this saves student progress).  (Click the back arrow icon at the top left of your iPad display.)  

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