Thursday, August 6, 2020

What in the world is a PLP?

As the parent of an incoming kindergartner you are about to add a handful of new acronyms to your lexicon.  While these acronyms won't earn you street cred among texting tweens (LOL), you'll be "in the know" with happenings at Achieve.  

PLP - this stands for a Personalized Learning Plan.  A PLP is essentially a conversation we will begin in kindergarten, the document recording that conversation will be used as a tool for helping your child challenge him/herself through their stay here at Achieve.  PLP’s are a unique feature of ACS, they give teachers a jump start to best meet the needs of your student.  We'll revisit this document together throughout the year, noting progress towards academic/social skills, addressing learning gaps, setting goals and noting achievement, and putting students in the driver seat of their own educational journey.  It's a pretty powerful thing to witness end-of-year ACS kindergarten students leading their own PLP Conference discussion - communicating their own well thought out goals for the trimester and life.  Our 2020 PLPs will take place via Zoom - I'll be sending you a Zoom invite soon.

Baby steps.  Here's how to prepare for your family's first PLP Conference:
  • Inform your child that they will see their Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wright.   I will ask your child about some of his/her interests (practice with your child at home!)  After we talk for a few minutes the kindergartner may be excused.
  • We will continue our conversation, be prepared to share your child's strengths and areas for growth.  Share any food allergies, if your child wears glasses, if he/she is right or left handed, or concerns at this time.  
  • Conferences will last around 20-30 minutes.
  • It is alright to have siblings near the screen for our Zoom conference, however I recommend making efforts to minimize distractions for your kindergartner for our initial meeting.   :)

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