Monday, January 6, 2020

Letter/Sound & Sight Word Practice

I can tell you've been practicing letter sounds and sight words with your kids at home!  You've been at the memorization game with your kiddo for a few months now, and you might be ready for a few extra resources to keep your kindergartner motivated and excited to learn.  Whether your student is working on memorizing letter sounds or sight words, linked below are some ideas for your kindergartner.  Click the pictures for explanations and resources.

Helpful memorization hints:
  • start with a few letter sounds or sight words at a time, once your child has memorized one replace it with a new flashcard
  • get your kids moving!  Movement during learning adds an extra element that helps to cement the concept.

ABC Flashcards with Zoophonics Hint
ABC Flashcards - Letters Only
ABC Flashcard Generator - create custom ABC flashcards (capital only, lowercase only, etc)
Kindergarten  & 1st Grade Sight Words Flashcards (the kindergarten words are the first 25 words listed)

This blog: No Time for Flashcards has endless ideas for getting your kiddo moving and learning.  Search by grade and subject for high-interest activities.


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